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Amidst late night maggi sessions, the idea of Cambuzz was born.
Headquartered in VIT Chennai, cambuzz began as a side project and is now a tiny, bootstrapped idea helping the VIT Chennai family to share their events and is trying to become a go-to resource for discovering and connecting with everyone in the campus.

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"We work in a safe environment. There is absolutely no kicking, biting and rapid punches."
Though the person who wrote this, probably can't see right now. Check us out by clicking on any of our lovely faces. :D

Prashant Bhardwaj

Backend Developer

He is the one who made this team come around. A highly ambitious person, he makes sure that he sleeps the last and wakes up the first. You can find him either thinking of new ideas for starting up or singing along our team's anthem (*cringe*) And oh! Ask him to play Sardar Khan from the Wasseypur fame.
"Goongi ho kya" xD

P.s. He gets down in one shot. Period.

Prastut Kumar

UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer

He has donned so many hats for the team, we sure have lost count. The team feels indebted to him for crafting the user interface for the website, as well as writing all the about us snippets, though he took a large pizza for that. :/ While not designing posters or reading books about design, he is busy trying to practise the famous step from "Lean On".

P.s. He takes care of operations i.e. handling of all the monkeys.

Fenil Patel

Backend Developer

The team is so incomplete without a gujju bhai! Fondly called as "Patel bhai", but he is the devil when it comes to Fifa. A true Madrid supporter, we challenge you for a game with him. Nobody in the team can believe that he started coding when he joined VIT, and you also wouldn't. An IQ level over 9000, while not hacking away at code (which he is damn good at), he is busy reciting dialogues like Harvey Specter!

P.s. "Life is like this, I like this"

Shantanu Tripathi

Algorithmic Head

He has probably spent more nights than any of us hacking at code. A passionate dramatist by nature, you can usually find him antagonizing the mirror by practising for the next role. He is known around the campus as "Baba" for topping in everything possible, but there is never a dull moment when he is in the house.

P.s. He loves green ticks.

Prasang Sharma

Android App Developer

He believes in a world where all work is done by android-bots. When android finally wins the world over, you'll find him improving his dance moves or lifting weights on moon for personal records six times his early ones. Till that time, you can find him doodling and creating apps and mean viruses (shudder). Ask him if you need some.

P.s. He likes to cook, especially for his team.

Divyang Duhan

Android App Developer

Do you feel you know about cricket? Shoot! Pizza on the house if you can beat him (Though you won't. B). You can find him petting every animal in the campus (and we have a lot of variety!). In the meantime, he is busy coding android bots to solve the biggest problem for the team: to find the best pizzas in the town.

P.s. He loves to sing in a high pitched voice and regularly takes breaks to record a punk rock album.

Inderpratap Singh Cheema

Frontend Developer

Fondly called as IPS, he is an artist by nature but took frontend development to mix art with code. Most of his time is spent creating impressive landing pages while in the meantime he loves reading novels & sketching. Probably the biggest fan of Minions from the "Despicable me" fame, he wishes to have his own minions to twirl his famous moustache.

P.s. He really really loves to sleep.



The speaker is an integral part of the lab. He likes to 10001110100101101 (Oopss! it's binary, but that's how he gets it going). The best thing he does is play our team anthem. Once he gets free from his job, you'll find him ... what would you expect from a speaker? He is good at the base-ics of EDMs.

P.s. Our team anthem: Redfoo: New Thang

Angad Sachdave

Marketing Head

He's the guy who knows 'stuff'. Usually found sleeping peacefully on his bed, desk, bathroom and every other place you can possibly think of, he can turn into a raging green monster when hungry. What he lacks in normal 'human' attributes, he more than makes up in his marketing and social skills.

P.s. His biggest achievement has been keeping his attendance above 75%.

Ankita Negi


Whilst thinking new marketing strategies for the team, she is busy talking about clothes. When it comes to bargaining, she feels she is the Jordan Belfort of our generation. A true foodie by nature, she is carefree and a melodramatic person.

P.s. She loves to sing but you probably wouldn't want to hear her.

The Team